You have finished mixing your song and now you want to give it the final touch?

Then the Really Nice Records Mastering Service is just the thing for you.


Our mastering service ensures a good frequency balance, appropriate loudness level and

wide listening compatibility. (car, headphones, club, TV, mono, etc.)


You can choose between "Standard Mastering" (one stereo track) or "Stem Mastering" (up to 8 stereo or 16 mono tracks).

"Stem Mastering" gives us more control to possibly improve the mixing a bit, correct technical errors and make your mix sound even better. "Standard Mastering" is the perfect fit if you are 100% sure about your mix and just want it enhanced.


We help you make your song compete with the major artists. Any questions?

1. Preparation

In order to process  your song in the best possible way, a few technical details need to be taken into account.


Your files should not clip and should have an adequate dynamic range. 

When exporting, make sure to export all your files as 44.1kHz 24-bit .wav or better. You will receive instructions on how to send your mix by email.


You can write your wishes and suggestions as well as reference tracks in the field: "Message", during the order process.

2. Order


Your first Master will be expectedly delivered within a week after receipt of payment. 

You can make up to 5 free revisions.


As a new client, you can try "Standardmastering". You will get a mastered 30sec sample of your song for free.


49,45 €

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