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Material 7th August 2015


That's how everything started. The creation of the album started back in 2013. 15 year old me trying to create his own music, collecting ideas and making arrangements.

I became technically better and finished Mixing and Mastering in 2015.

Arrival 29th March 2016


I got myself a Fieldrecorder and started experimenting with nature sounds/sounds from the city.

Some of the Vinyl parts are sampled from Pink Floyds The Dark Side Of The Moon and AnimalsIts a very ambient Track with much going on.

Breathe 1st August 2016


I wanted to make a more

pop-like sound for the general public. The vocals for this Track were performed by Rebecca, a very talented classical guitarist/mandolinist and singer.

You Dropped The Mozzarella 1st October 2016


This name is inspired by real events... At this time i listened to a lot of Deep House. I wanted to create a chilled tune with rising energy, you could play in a club.

This production is made entirely digital. 

Hybrid 9th December 2016


I wanted to create a kind of HipHop vibe with a smooth transition to a big banging Drop.

The Track is made for big speakers, much stuff going on in the background.

The girl heard @1:55 is a very long-time friend of mine i sampled her voice message.


Invers 5th January 2017


Invers is a anthem kind of Track.

Loads of Energy but kind of relaxing too. Got some solid Drums and Bassline.

The Dada Theme 17th January 2017


This Track has some serious energy. I kind of had to overuse the Limiter. But Hey, stats show it works.

Wings 25th February 2017


I partied a lot and just had to share my good vibes. This Track involved a lot of work. I sampled some Jazz drums and played a lot of guitar.

Almost all of the Synth sounds are made with actual analog Synthesizers.

VCA 14th March 2017


I finished the SAE and in this Album i incorporated all my new knowledge. I really love all my analog gear, this Album was to pay tribute to it. I wanted to put out the most qualitative product i could create. This is the first Album released physically, with a limited number of 55 CDs pressed.

Lucid Dream 11th May 2017


I got introduced to a whole lot of new music. That got me really inspired. I used very old school instruments and put all the feels in it. Its a very special Track to me.

Undefined Album 26th June 2017


These are some club suitable Tracks. Really high energy, summer vibes. Made for big speakers. 

Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 1 18th November 2017


8 Hip Hop Instrumentals in the Style of DADA. Get the Mic!

Chase 28th January 2018


Original composition by Giorgio Moroder (1978). Check out the Original as well.

Odonata 18th March 2018



Air 26th June 2018


Human Music 10th Oktober 2018

Sol 30th January 2019

Storm 19th February 2019

Farben 05th December 2019