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Ilo (22) is a upcoming german rapper, based in Munich. His style is a mixture of german slang, clever rhymes and flows, anglicisms and a lot of energy. Ilo often uses bits and pieces of different languages in his tracks. This and his special vocal sound, especially with adlibs, contribute to his signature sound.

After releasing 13 tracks and 11 music videos, Ilo joined Really Nice Records in June 2019, together with his close friend and beat producer "Chilli Beats".


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Ilo - Discography


As a little boy he already drummed around on cans and pots with cooking spoons from the kitchen out of love for music until finally his first drum set was at the door and he could let his creativity run free for the first time. His feeling for rhythms and taste in music broadened and he finally arrived at the 4/4 beat and the driving basslines à la House, Tech House & Techno, so in 2015 he decided to create his first own songs. From time to time his style mixed elements of these three musical styles, in short: hard kicks, driving beats, melodic sounds and deep basses, often topped by a pinch of singing or other human elements. With these ingredients, his music quickly found an audience, which led him to produce some of the songs of the soundtrack for the film "Easy Raver" and also to appear in several aftermovies of the regional collectives Beweg dein Herz and SKIA.


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Dada (David Bednaic) is a Munich based Electronic Music producer and founder of Really Nice Records. His style is very diverse, ranging from banging House Music, calm Classical inspired Music to ambient, very experimental electronic pieces. His Tracks are often influenced by 70's Psychedelic Rock, Hip Hop, Classical Music and Nature Sounds.


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Dada - Discography

Moses (sometimes referred to as Momo21) is a Munich based german Rapper and lyric poet.

He is very open minded about his music and likes to try out new styles of HipHop/Rap. His music is often lyrically focused and complex, with deep meaning. 


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Moses - Discography

Micky Rosé (22) is a rapper from Munich. At the age of 15, he started rapping and recording with his best friend Chilli Beats. Micky follows a calm trap/soul rap style. He loves vibing on groovy old-school beats as well as flowing on modern trap style beats, which are all exclusively created by Chilli Beats. In December 2019 Micky Rosé joined Really Nice Records as a rapper.


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Chilli Beats (22) is a rapper and producer born in Munich. He started rapping and recording at the age of 15, with his best friend (Micky Rosé). In 2016 Chilli started to produce his own beats. Producing different genres, mainly Trap/Hip Hop but also House and Minimal Techno. In 2018 he became the producer of Ilo, creating the instrumentals, recording and mixing his vocals in cooperation with Dada. In June 2019 he joined Really Nice Records as a producer and rapper. 


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